Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nursing Covers Now for Sale!

I am now ready to start selling my nursing covers. I have decided on about 6 fabrics that I will stick to for making these, but you are more than welcome to give a custom order if you have other fabric you would like me to use. They are $22.00 + shipping unless you want to pick it up locally. Below are a few pictures of the covers and the fabrics you can choose from. To order, choose which color you would like from the drop box on the right and ad it to your cart! I should have it made within 2 days. Here are the fabric options to choose from:

Each nursing cover has an adjustable strap...

and flexible boning in the front so that you can see your baby while you nurse!

1 comment:

  1. i am loving the green one AND the red flower one! such cute fabric